Special Events

Virtual Writing Workshop with Susan Beckham Zurenda

Family Stories: Evoking Emotion in Your Character
Thursday, April 9, 2020 at 3 pm

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from author Susan Beckham Zurenda, whose novel BELLS FOR ELI (Mercer University Press) was published this spring to acclaim and accolades, all well-deserved. Call 404-427-4848 or come by to sign up. The fee is $30 and includes a hardback copy of Bells For Eli.

During these challenging days when we are secluded from each other, it’s important to focus our energy on positive and productive interests. Susan Zurenda’s writing workshop will instruct you in the how-to’s of writing stories with meaning and purpose about family that can last forever.

We tell our family stories for ourselves, for our future generations, and for others outside our family. These stories connect the past to our present and to the future. Our stories and what we learn from them honors and respects our ancestors and us. They can awaken us and future generations to our potential. They can be transformative. For our family stories to be effective, they must not only tell a tale but express the important values, blunders, wishes, hopes, disappointments, and triumphs common to all humanity. And to convey the truth of humanity, our characters must express real emotion.

This engaging 90-minute virtual writing workshop will be presented online through Zoom, so participants will need to download the app for the free Zoom option and sign in with a username and password that Susan will send to participants by email prior to the start time. The workshop will cover both the basics of story and the importance of genuine emotion in stories. It will also examine how writers achieve success in creating human emotion in contrast to why writers sometimes fail in this essential endeavor. Ample illustrations will be provided, some from Susan’s novel, Bells for Eli, and participants will be given writing prompts with time to write, followed by real time feedback.

Steps in the process:
1. Register for the workshop at 770-427-4848.  (Fee $30 which includes a hardback copy of Bells for Eli) and include an email address you check regularly.
2. Download Zoom. If you don’t have Zoom, it’s available on the App Store, Google Play store, and on your computer at zoom.us. If you don’t have an account, you can set up one for free.
3. Approximately 24 hours or more before the workshop start time, look for an email with a username to join the writing workshop on Zoom.
4. A few minutes before the workshop, click the meeting link from your email invite and it will open Zoom and join the meeting.
5. Enjoy the 90-minute workshop!