Welcome to Book Exchange

Your neighborhood bookstore is here to serve you with both new and used books! Trade in your books for credit, let us help you find a special book, and enjoy author events and book clubs all year. Ask us about Southern writers! 

Classics and Children’s Books Now on Sale!

Whether you’re looking for required reading, famous titles, or just-for-fun books, June is the best month to stock up on classics and children’s books for the summer, with 25% off all used hard cover and paperback selections. Plus, save even more when you use your trade credit! New to trade credit? Bring in books you don’t plan to read again and ask us for details!

Authors Visiting Book Exchange

Mark your calendar for Tuesdays and Saturdays this month, when several authors will be visiting Book Exchange to say hello and introduce their latest titles.  You’ll find local authors on hand for “Saturday Signings” with Beth Carey (the L.I.F.E. series for teens) on June 11, and Ray Dan Parker (Pronounced Ponce) and children’s author SL Keen on June 18. Tuesday nights will feature author talks, with Susan Sands discussing The Island of Summer Sunsets on June 14 at 6:30 pm and Kimberly Brock discussing The Lost Book of Eleanor Dare on June 21 at 7 pm. Everyone is welcome!

Book Clubs Now Underway

Make new friends while you read and discuss some great books at one of the three books clubs now meeting monthly at the store. The Mystery Book Club meets on the first Monday of every month at 6 pm. The general fiction BEX Book Club gathers on the second Monday at 6 pm. The new Horror/Fantasy/SciFi Book Club will meet on the second Tuesday at 6 pm. All are welcome!

Private Browsing by Appointment

Book Exchange offers a private shopping session where you are the only customer in the store. Designed especially for readers who love to browse but want to avoid others during this time, appointments are available for 30 minutes before the store opens. Please call 770-427-4848 to reserve a date.

Nothing from June 29, 2022 to July 29, 2022.