Welcome to Book Exchange

Your neighborhood bookstore is here to serve you with both new and used books! Trade in your books for credit, let us help you find a special book, and enjoy author events and book clubs all year. Ask us about Southern writers! 

August is History Month at BEX

We love history books of all forms and you get the savings! During August enjoy a 25 percent discount on all used Historical Fiction, History Non-Fiction, Historical Romance, and Biographies.  The savings continue when you use trade credit in addition to the 25 percent discount.  Interested in getting trade credit? Just bring in books you don’t plan to read again to establish trade credit and watch the savings add up.  Ask us for details!

A Special Evening with Authors Karen White and Wendy Wax!

Book Exchange is excited to host an evening with authors Karen White and Wendy Wax on Thursday, September 2, at 7 pm.  Karen White will introduce her newest book, The Last Night in London, and Wendy Wax will discuss her latest: The Break-Up Book Club. Both authors will sign copies of their books.  Come help us celebrate the return of in-person events! See more details here.

Private Browsing by Appointment

Book Exchange offers a private shopping session where you are the only customer in the store. Designed especially for readers who love to browse but want to avoid others during this time, appointments are available for 30 minutes before the store opens. Please call 770-427-4848 to reserve a date.

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