Welcome to Book Exchange!

Your neighborhood bookstore is here to serve you with both new and used books! Trade in your books for credit, let us help you find a special book, and enjoy author events and book clubs all year.  Ask us about Southern writers!

Yes We Are Open!

Book Exchange is currently open for business at the store, operating 11am to 6pm Monday-Thursday and 11am to 5pm Friday and Saturday. Keeping social distance is easy in the store, and we offer curbside service.  Books and digital books can be ordered online – see the Shop Local info on this page. For curbside service, call us with your order at 770-427-4848.

Now Offering CBD Products

Book Exchange now has two types of Reddy Naturals products: CBD Balm and CBD Powder in two sizes. Stop by for a sample and learn about the many health and wellness uses for CBD products.

August 10, 2020
September 1, 2020