Trade Policy

Book Exchange Trade Policy

Trade in your used books for store credit!

Trade Value given for books:

  • Mass Market Paperback – 25% of publisher’s price
  • Trade Size Paperback – 25% of publisher’s price
  • Hardback Books – $2-5 depending on condition and need

Books must be in good condition, odor free (i.e. pets, smoke). We take books based on need and may not always give trade credit for all of your books. We do normally accept donations of most kinds of books.

  • All used books, unless otherwise marked, are half the publisher’s price, or less.
  • You can pay up to half of your purchase price with trade credit; however, the remaining balance must be paid by cash, check, or credit card. Trade credit does not expire – so as long as we remain in business, it is valid. There is not a per book fee for any book. Trade credit cannot be used on new books or other new items in the store (gifts, journals, cards, etc).
  • There is no ”cash” section or “trade” section in the store. This helps streamline inventory and allows genres to be placed together.
  • If you have questions, please ask!

 We hope you will continue to shop local and shop Book Exchange!